Biography information:

I’ve always been interested in photography.
One day an uncle gave me an old camera, I think it was Vintage Agfa Isolette, I was about 12 and have enjoyed it ever since.
So much fun to use for a little kid learning about photography, I took heaps of photos around everywhere.
I was very interested in camera technologies and very surprised to find out some cameras used very different techniques as the one my cousin had which was to look through from above with those big film rolls in it.
I had the opportunity developing B&W films and photos by myself in a developing room.
I learned so much about photography and took any possible free time in the developing room and tried to understand what was wrong with my pictures.
One day I realized I should do more and a friend of mine encouraged me to participate to a studio model photography workshop.
In that workshop I was the only guy with an old canon DS-450, but I wondered that I still could make some good pictures.
From that time I realized that I had a good understanding about optics and I need to practice more about the art of photography.

Amir Daryani
118 rue Salvador Allende
F-92000 Nanterre – France